Trip Down Memory Lane

Today, as I sat racking my brain to cogitate up a subject to write upon, my mind wandered back to yesterday. Yesterday, as I sat in class, surrounded by my friends and their chatter, I tried to kill my boredom. I fiddled with my friend’s laptop and cursed the school authorities for not allowing public wifi in school. And then my eyes fell upon the puny icon of Microsoft Word and I started away at what I do best.

                Halfway through writing my “magnum opus”, I heard somebody’s voice pipe up behind me,” Use a pen and paper, can’t you? Why are you using up the charge of his laptop?” At that point of time, I had paid no heed to the off-hand remark of my classmate but today as I sat disappointed because my laptop was low on battery, I reflected. The epiphany came as a blow to me. I sat in a house filled with stacks of books reveling in layers of dust and yet I would wait an hour for my laptop to be back on track to use Word.

                 It is just so ironical that it has become quintessential for all of us to rely so much on technology. Mind you, I am not orthodox- I am just as zealous about gadgets as the next teenager. But it saddens me to think I have changed so much that I read my favorite books on Amazon but do not stop to explore the bookstore near my house.

                 You have devices to transform everything- transform our ordinary, everyday lives to luxurious, dazzling lives abundant with I Phones and IPods and Tablets. Of course, I want them too. And I will have my father give them to me for sure. But what I have learnt from my recent introspection that the work of Nature is something that we have not yet fully understood. We have left it unexplored, and ventured ahead to explore technology.

               A walk in the park can rejuvenate you more than the reality show you watch religiously. Interacting with human friends is so much more satisfying than buzzing them on Whatsapp. Exploring the world around you by foot teaches you much more than you can learn by exploring places using Facebook. There is no doubt as to how imperative it is to stay connected through social networking sites and I would be lying if I denied that I check my Facebook account at least thrice a day. But I think it is also imperative to know that the man who greeted you at the market yesterday has been living in your neighborhood for the past eight months. Or that you can actually go out and give away pennies to beggars instead of liking and sharing “HELP HIM/HER” posts on various sites.

          Unplug yourself once in a while. Introspect and reflect. Spend some time with yourself. Connect with your inner desires and spend time engaging in non-virtual activities. It feels good, trust me. Maybe just start by taking a trip to that local park you used to visit when you were younger and were sans phones and laptops. Take a trip down memory lane.

Please feel free to comment. How do you think a person can relive the days when technology did not rule our lives?


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